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Q: Javascript math: If an int is greater than zero, minus it So I am making a paint roller simulator. I am trying to make a different noise for every roller color. I am storing the values in an array. so it looks like this 0-11, Green 12-21, Orange 22-31, Blue 32-43, Purple 44-53, Red 54-63, Yellow 64-75, Brown 76-86, Black I then start by saying that roll1_color_index (should be the index of the color) = roll1_color_index - roll2_color_index, and roll2_color_index = roll2_color_index + roll1_color_index. My math is giving me some issues. Like so roll1_color_index = roll1_color_index - roll2_color_index roll1_color_index - roll2_color_index = ( roll1_color_index - roll2_color_index) / 2 roll1_color_index - roll2_color_index / 2 = roll1_color_index Why does this not equal roll1_color_index = roll1_color_index + roll2_color_index / 2 and roll2_color_index = roll2_color_index + roll1_color_index / 2 My math is giving me an negative value when it's supposed to give me an integer. Roll1_Color_Index is a number, then that is what I am subtracting from, not the index. Then why are the numbers negative? A: Divide by 2 is integer division. Use //2 to do floating point division. roll1_color_index = roll1_color_index // 2; roll2_color_index = roll2_color_index // 2; Actually, your posted code is correct. I guess you're using the wrong variable names. Q: Why does Hibernate throw com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException? I have a class: public class User implements Serializable { private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; private static final Logger

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^HOT^ Download Labels Unlimited 2.0 Windows 7 64 Bits.rar

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